Viriditas Luxury Landscape Design Company, Boulder, Denver, Colorado


"The garden should be beyond the client's imagining, or I haven't worked my magic." - Jay Markel

We begin by listening...

Many of our clients first contact us without knowing exactly what it is they want from their garden space.

They might have an existing garden ("Something's just not right...") or have a general idea for use ("Big enough for large-scale entertaining but with an intimate feel") or an aesthetic goal ("In the style of French chateaux gardens").

So we begin by listening to what you want. We visit the site and talk some more about the space and how you envision using it, your likes and dislikes, as well as basics such as timeframe and budget.

It all begins with a conversation. So please email Jay ( or give us a call (803.828.3850). We look forward to talking with you!

We design to your needs and lifestyle...

At Viriditas we pride ourselves on creating landscape designs that reflect each client's personality and lifestyle.

A well-designed garden can be many things: an expanded living space, a place for contemplation and the experience of natural beauty, and an expression of self. A Viriditas luxury garden takes all these elements and adds a level of refinement, artistry and the natural grace that comes from a space in harmony with its landscape. We design to a wide range of tastes and styles (European, Asian, Xeric, American Garden) and offer signature elements that will make your garden a place of unusual beauty.

We create original and unique garden designs...

Our chief designer, Jay Markel, is also a fine-art sculptor—he brings an artist's imagination to each garden he creates. Our unique Viriditas style is supported by proprietary construction techniques that allow us to tackle even the most difficult spaces.

By combining techniques from other disciplines, we bring a distinctive touch to the whole garden, and in particular, features such as lighted waterfalls, decks, pergolas and arbors, personal/secret master garden settings, native plant gardens and perennial gardens, private orchards, and sculpture gardens.

We deliver on the vision...

Unlike many landscape design companies, Viriditas is totally hands-on when it comes to construction. Jay makes a point of being on-site, working with crews, educating and directing and troubleshooting, to make sure we always exceed the client's expectations.

Viriditas provides consulting and planning services and construction management expertise for any size of residential project.

We can deliver our unique style anywhere—regardless of location. Please click here to see examples of some of our award-winning designs. And email or call us for an initial consultation.

Begin a conversation that will a garden.